Love's/Speedco Ripoff

In September 2017 Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores (Love's) and Bridgestone Americas, Inc. reached an agreement for Love's to purchase Speedco. 

I have used Speedco for years because they are, or were, fast and efficient but Love's is apparently useless at supplying Speedco.  I have heard often from Speedco employees that since the purchase things have gone downhill fast.  Today I went to Speedco for the last time and have decided to take action against Love's because they are ripping off their Speedco customers.  Owner Operators pay attention, this is for you!

I usually buy the same package; the DD15 "PM".  Cost $366.96 plus taxes (there are always taxes).  The package includes the Oil, Filters, Grease, Fluid Level Check, Visual Brake Inspection and an Environmental Fee .... what the heck is that anyway?

They didn't have the Oil Filter for the DD-15 so I went to Freightliner and bought one myself.

Last time I went to Speedco they didn't have a filter for my Fish Bowl which wasn't a problem because it really didn't need changing.  This time they didn't have the Fish Bowl filter again but now it is a problem because it needs to be changed. They didn't tell me about this until the PM was almost completed.

Now came the time to pay the bill.  It was the FULL BILL??  No discounts for missing filters, the full price for the package.  $366.96!!

So what is actually happening here?  Truck owners are being lured into Speedco where they are sold an incomplete package.  If this was a restaurant and you ordered Bacon and Eggs but they were out of Eggs you would only get Bacon but you wouldn't be billed for the Eggs would you?

These 'Eggs' cost $49.96 plus tax (there it is again).  Now I am sure that Love's/Speedco doesn't pay that much for the filters but they pay "x" and are saving "x" every time a customer buys the incomplete package.  How many drivers are we talking about?  Thousands?  10's of Thousands?  It's quite a sum by any means. 

I spoke to Love's Customer Service, wasn't that a blast!  No help there.  "There's nothing we can do?"  Are you serious??

I have now contacted the Missouri (that's where I am right now) State Consumer Protection Agency and am engaging the assistance of my own lawyer who is wondering about the possibility of a Class Action Suit? According to my attorney Loves is in breach of contract with all of the drivers who have been served this way but before I pay him more of my hard earned money I am writing to the Attorney General for every state that Speedco is located.  His suggestion.

I will be updating this article as things develop.  Stay tuned!!



Speedco Thank you for sending, Paul. We take this matter seriously and are investigating - Facebook

Missouri State Attorney General - Complaint filed and response received.  Link

Oklahoma State Attorney General - Complaint filed