About Us

The Mission

To provide an environment wherein Truckers can discuss our industry and share ideas. Towards that end we provide a Forum where Drivers may discuss the dynamic world of the Professional Truck Driver.

The Reason

The free exchange of information between Upper Management and the Driver Force is sometimes slow. News from the top slowly filters down and is occasionally misunderstood.

The Solution

Engage our Drivers in conversation and make Management aware of molehills before they become mountains. Provide a venue where explanation and communication is the name of the game.

Croc' and Ellen

Ellen and Crocodile manage this website as a resource not only for the Drivers at Contract Freighters, Inc. but for the entire American Trucking Industry for reference purposes. Proud of their work at CFI, these two Team Drivers believe they are working for a Company that listens. Much of what is learned here from the Drivers finds it's way to the upper echelons of CFI.

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Because we are

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