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Most of us who have been on the big road for any time at all will know what it''s like to be sick with nobody to take care of us. It''s a very depressing time and has happened to me on more than one occasion. Getting the Flu or even a simple cold can leave you feeling low; for me suffering a Gall Bladder failure had to be the worst although a Kidney Stone wasn't much fun I can tell you.

Last weekend Ellen broke a tooth so on Monday we called our Dentist for an appointment. We were very lucky as a cancellation gave us a Wednesday opportunity. CFI Operations made the necessary arrangements for us to be in Joplin at the right time so as I write, I am in the waiting area at our local dentist while Ellen undergoes whatever evil they are doing to my her. I'm just glad it isn't me.

Ellen and I are friendly people, we try to get along with anyone we meet. Ellen is the one who introduced me to the phrase, "We never meet a stranger", so today sitting in the waiting room I ended up talking to people I had never met before. One fellow is a young man who is here with his family because his wife has an appointment. Their little girl is a beautiful little thing, full of energy which I find amusing. I didn't realize that this guy's brother is our Planner; that is he's the guy who plans our loads for us, demonstrating that it is a very small world. As it turns out most of the people who work at this dentist''s office are part of his family. Since our Planner paid the dentist a visit today too we were able to meet him although Ellen met him with this thing hanging out of her mouth.

While today's visit is painful for Ellen it has become a very social event for me.

Having finished with the Dentist we headed over to Wal-Mart to buy pain killers for Ellen and to make an appointment with the Optometrist for me next week. It's time to replace my glasses.

CFI made a slight calendar mistake today, assigning us to another load while we are still at the dentist. It was quickly taken care of so we will be back on the road tomorrow morning, resuming our normal routine of a ping pong ball bouncing between Laredo and Salem.

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This is an area I like to use for the occasional update of what Ellen and I are up to.

We run a dedicated lane between Laredo, Texas and Salem, Illinois with a break at the weekend at home in Joplin but hopefully it is still interesting even though we limit our travels.

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