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Christmas arrived this morning, no doubt it did for you too.  The weatherman said it would and they were right!

This morning everyone got up early, imagine that?  The kids were excited to find that Santa had visited during the night leaving presents under the tree for everyone.  Greetings were shared and paper torn, everyone wore their best Christmas smile and finally everything was open except for one that had been set aside.  The one was for me although why it would be set to one side to be the last one opened I couldn't understand.

A video camera had been capturing the Christmas morning tradition, the smiles and excitement preserved on digital media for later viewing.  Now the camera was turned on me while I opened the mystery gift that had waited until last.

It was well wrapped in seasonal paper which didn't last long giving in quickly to my insistent tearing.

From time to time I receive mail from AARP which I usually add to the "Round File" preferring to totally deny my age.  Actually if they send me another one I might sign up; I am not as young as I once was.  I get other mail too which serves to remind me of how old I am getting.  Ellen enjoys telling people that I grew up with a friend call Moses?
Now here is something wrapped in Christmas joy and given to me by people who were smiling widely, all of whom had a glint in their eye.  This was a joke I realized as the last of the wrapping paper fell away.

I had received a FREE SAMPLE in the mail, it was junk mail of course - we get a lot of that.  I had received a diaper?  Oh my!  A diaper?  Now where did I put that AARP application, maybe it's right next to my walker?  Sheesh!

Merry Christmas ya'll.

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