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What is it about some Truckers that makes them think they don't have to take a bath every now and again. It is shocking to me that some drivers don't realize they stink. Okay, you can't smell it but if you haven't had a shower in the last week everyone else can.

My trouble is that I tend to speak up when my snoring organ is assaulted by someone's stench so it's only a matter of time before my face is rearranged - perhaps that would be a good thing because I can only get better looking and if my nose is crushed into my skull I wouldn't be able to smell the problem anymore. That will only fix the reek for me though, everyone else will have to get used to it.

On many occasions I have offered someone a shower from my Pilot card. That's easy enough but no they are not interested or they don't have time or ... there are plenty of excuses.

I was in Laredo at the terminal and had just had a shower, as I walked into the dispatch area it was like walking into a wall of swamp gas. "Wow," says I to nobody in particular, "someone needs a shower!"

Everyone had been talking but after my statement which was intentionally quite loud there was silence. I don't know who it was and wasn't going to say anything more but someone knew who I meant and maybe they took the hint.

When I was in the Navy there were occasions when someone had to be told to take a shower. It didn't happen often but if the offender didn't do something about it quickly they were hauled off to the showers and given one; as I remember that involved large amounts of soap - laundry detergent was popular - applied with long handled scrubbers and mops. It wasn't pretty but the smell went away and the louse got the message.

Trucking is tough and can be a dirty job, sweep a few trailers out, get sweaty dropping a stiff landing gear, whatever, you need a shower. We might dress nice, follow the company dress rules and so on but if we stink when we go into a customer we are not doing much to represent the company well and we are often the only personal contact a customer has with whichever trucking company we work for.

About two weeks ago, from the time of writing, I was in a Love's Truckstop and went into the bathroom. As I approached the trough, yeah they didn't have sinks just a long trough, a driver put one of his feet into it and started washing. The guy came from a country where this is acceptable but another guy who was washing his hands and face blew his top and demanded he stop. I got between them after the foot washer refused or someone would have been going to jail, and explained to the gentleman that while washing his feet in the public trough might be okay where he is from, in America it is considered unhealthy. I also mentioned that since he had a general odor perhaps a shower would be a better option for him. He didn't wash the other foot, he just walked out.

Basically the point is that if you haven't had a shower in two days, it's time to head to the swimmin' hole.

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