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I haven't heard of anything like this before so being notified today of the new pay package option I couldn't wait to read the information packet posted on CFI's website.

Obviously not everyone can read everything posted on CFI's site, login is required and I will skirt around the specifics here.  The Option is for Independent Contractors.

At CFI if a truck exceeds 18k miles in a month, a productivity bonus of .08 cents per mile for all miles previously driven is awarded.  That is a handy amount of money for those who are willing to run.  A team can handle those miles easily and Ellen and me include the anticipated productivity bonus in our budget.

Taking time off or refusing loads will usually put the goal in jeopardy but we didn't buy a truck to look at it in our driveway.  We do take time off, or we would go nuts - a break is a good and necessary thing.  However we limit our time off and only rarely refuse a load, even then the loads we have refused to haul will take us into areas where severe weather is expected.

Originally the new Pay Package Option was aimed at Solo Drivers only.  It was only at the last minute that CFI decided to offer it to teams as well.  Our opinion is that is would be a mistake to take the new option as a team, unless of course the team doesn't run and rarely meets the 18k productivity bonus threshold.

Solo Owners might do well to accept the new option because the 18k bonus will not be available, instead a .04 cent per mile raise will apply.  However, the new option will cost the Solo Driver more in that such niceties as XM Radio, Inner City Compensation and Idle Aire will no longer be included.

Ellen and me don't use Idle Aire, we are rarely stopped long enough to enjoy it, but XM Radio?  Wow!  We couldn't live without it.  That is a luxury I didn't have once but when it became available I bought it right away and would miss it should it be denied.

With the new option additional fees will be added, the Transponder (toll device), PeopleNet and Back Office Support will be charged.  I see this as, what is gained on the roundabout is mostly lost on the swings.  Still, it sounds like a good idea for Solos - not teams.

If you elect to try the new option and don't like it you will have an option to return to the current program in July and January.

We are happy with the way things are right now.  We enjoy working for CFI and are not planning to go anywhere else.  The fact that the company has thought to offer different compensation choices impresses us and, I think, adds another favorable notch in CFI's belt.

Just a thought.

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