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What is it about some Truckers that makes them think they don't have to take a bath every now and again. It is shocking to me that some drivers don't realize they stink. Okay, you can't smell it but if you haven't had a shower in the last week everyone else can.

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I was driving along the road minding my own business when a Big Rig flew past me. He wasn't speeding but I wasn't going very fast at the time so the impression of speed was actually an illusion. In that moment however I could tell that he had been interrupted during his Pre-Trip. I presume the interruption because I tend to miss things if I am distracted. To prevent a poor inspection I will start again or at least a few steps previous to the interruption.

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It seems to me that in some cases at least, companies are not doing their new drivers any favors. Take someone who is right out of school, brand new to the industry. Most companies will require that the new driver spend time with a company trainer/finisher who is responsible for adding some polish to the student''s abilities. It''s up to the trainer to ensure the student knows what is expected of them by their new company and to make sure that the driver is ready for the road on his/her own.

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The future comes, it always does and like King Canute who tried to turn back the tide, there is nothing we can do to prevent it. The march of time is inexorable. Vehicles become ever more complicated and if Carl Benz could see now the wave he started in 1879 he wouldn't recognize it.

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For as long as I have been driving a big-rig I have been aware of a common courtesy between drivers, that of flashing the other driver over. It is a simple procedure I think, a big-rig passes me and is trying to judge if he has passed me with enough clearance to pull in front. I flash my lights to let him know he is clear.

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Anyone who spends time on the road behind the wheel has time to think. Thinking can be dangerous. Well it is for me and it gets me into trouble more than I would wish.

That said, perhaps publishing my thoughts isn't a good idea; certainly these thoughts have caused more than one argument. Still, good idea or not, these are some of my thoughts.

Know of a Problem?

We often notice a problem and pay it no mind, or forget about it before we bring it to someone's attention.

Here's an idea, let us know about it.  We'll bring it to someone's attention and get it taken care of so the next person has a better experience.

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