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I remember a day not so long ago and not in a galaxy far, far away either.  We had to pay for just about everything while on the road and then fill out a reimbursement form to get the money back. 

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When I first learned of the Merger with XPO Logistics I was somewhat ticked off. Here we all are, getting on with our jobs, doing the best we can and all of a sudden someone with a whole bunch of money and friends at the bank dumped $3B on us and here we go again.

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One of the most basic lessons in the Trucking Industry is where to place our Triangles if we break down and are on the side of the road for more than 10 minutes. It's one of the first things we learned in Trucking School.

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How well do we observe our surroundings? We all understand the "Five Points" we all think we are safer if we get the "Big Picture" but I wonder if we apply that in places other than the road.

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I have written on this subject before but it occurs to me that there is more to it than my pet peeve of someone flashing their bright lights in my eyes while I am trying to drive safely; construction vehicle lighting, Police and other emergency vehicle lights and business lighting close to highways.

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Anyone who spends time on the road behind the wheel has time to think. Thinking can be dangerous. Well it is for me and it gets me into trouble more than I would wish.

That said, perhaps publishing my thoughts isn't a good idea; certainly these thoughts have caused more than one argument. Still, good idea or not, these are some of my thoughts.

Know of a Problem?

We often notice a problem and pay it no mind, or forget about it before we bring it to someone's attention.

Here's an idea, let us know about it.  We'll bring it to someone's attention and get it taken care of so the next person has a better experience.

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